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As a beginner. Consistently. Like a family

I think that in the present day many companies are emerging and disappearing, we should create a corporation that is not a corporation for the future but a craftsmanship of the old ancestors who named the porcelain to one name Lacto Korea Co., Ltd. promises to gather the talents of each field, walk the road with our own colors, and will do our best to the hygiene and quality with the idea that it is food that my family eats.

CEO     Dongsuk,Seo
Date of establishment December 10, 2009
Company location 14-22 Sindae-gil Ungok-myeon Cheongyang-gun
Chungcheong-do. Republic of Korea
area Site 4,559 ㎡, Floor space 2,169 ㎡
Average annual output • 5 ~ 20 Kg Packing in bags : 3,500 Tons
• 100 ~ 2,000 gram pouch in packing : 2,400,000 ea
Number of employees 25 people