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Lacto Korea Co., Ltd. received the R & D Dept. Certification from the Ministry of Science and ICT (2012). We are developing customized powders (other than Dairy + Pre-mix) to meet our customers' needs, and are expanding our sales to our own brand 'Home & Lock' and expanding into OEM and ODM businesses.

R & D Division Quality Control Division
- Product development such as new product / OEM
- Development sample manufacturing and testing
- Product deelopment and improvement work
- Production product quality test and follow-up management
- Original / new product design, packaging, standard design
- Certification (patent, R & D department, etc.) management
- HACCP Management
- Application for item manufacturing report / modification
- Full process quality inspection Respond to customer complaints
- Response and follow-up management of partner / institution audit
- Work on quality certification (HACCP, ISO, etc.)